[ Announcement ] 十一月。November Schedule

We have been reviewing our work in the past 6 months... Let's just admit it's not so easy to get a break time, even if we deliberately set a day off for ourselves - yet we are still working! It's time for an intervention:)

Therefore, we would like to share with you a few arrangements moving forward:

  • Introducing our shop close day. It might take a longer time for us to get back to your enquiry. Please be patient.
  • Store Pickup / Delivery services are now available every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.
  • 2 rounds of kimchi / month. We will be producing 2 batches of kimchi per month. Please make sure you order before the indicated deadline. Pre-order only.


[ Chinese Translation ]


  • 送上我們的店休日曆,大家只要㩒入我們的 IG / FB 和網店就可一覽我們開店時間。店休日期間,回覆查詢的時間可能會較長,請耐心等候。
  • 提貨 / 送貨。將集中於逢星期二或五。
  • 每月兩次泡菜訂購。由11月開始,我們每月會製作兩輪泡菜,有意訂購的你、妳和您,記得留意日曆每輪截單日期。只限預購。


We would like to take this opportunity thank you for your continuous support for the past 6 months. We hope you will continue to support us in the future!



Soulistic is a vegan brand created by Chef and Food Therapist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), as a platform to educate customers about healthier diets over medication by providing products and experiences that create change from within. Read about her story and what led her to start Soulistic here

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