Buddhist Kimchi vs Original Kimchi - What's the difference?


Fermented in-house and using our own veggies, our Original Kimchi is the perfect addition to your dish. Made with a medley of cabbage, carrot, chilli, garlic, onion, chives and apple - this combination is sure to delight your taste buds! Savoury, spicy and with a hint of sweetness and crunch - perfect side dish to go with dishes with stronger flavour or even your next BBQ occasion.

This is a recipe we kept testing for months to ensure the fermenting rate works the best with the HK weather. 100% made with love.



While recipe testing, we created Buddhist Kimchi because we know it is hard for certain group of plant based people to find the kimchi without garlic, onion & chives. To our surprise, we found ourselves enjoying this version more than the Original Kimchi.

Customers sometimes ask for our recommendation and this is often what we suggest. If you doubt its taste, you are missing out! Order yourself a jar today.

Buddhist Kimchi


So what's the difference between the two and why did we create this variation?

There are various reasons why we created Buddhist Kimchi, such as:

1. Religious reasons - For Buddhists, they tend to not eat garlic, onion and chives as it is believed that these spices will create negative emotions.

2. In Chinese medicine, spices are considered as "warm / hot" in nature. So people tend to limit or avoid them.

3. Certain plant-based diets might avoid it before their stomach lining is thinner after switching their diet. As a normal person, consuming meat will require your stomach to have a thicker lining for digestion, as meat takes longer time to digest and has a much higher density compare to meat. Vegan diets, however, doesn't require that much effort. Most food can be digested within 4-6 hours.

As time goes, our bodies will start adapting and the lining will get thinner. Some might end up being more sensitive to these kinds of spices.

This is why we created Buddhist Kimchi, so that people who enjoy kimchi can still enjoy this delicious dish without compromising on the taste.


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