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What's your comfort food? 

The answer is always usually the most underrated dish made of ingredients we consider as "cheap" and "boring" - congee, noodle, even boiled vegetables. It is also because it is so simple to make that the only way to differentiate the good and the bad is the quality of the ingredients.

When it comes to CNY, the classic traditional CNY cake (Lin Go) is our favourite festive comfort. Warm, soft, mochi-like texture with just a tiny bit of sweetness at the back of your tongue. That's the taste of CNY!

In order to enjoy more without putting too much pressure on our gut, finding the right ingredient and the right balance of glutinous rice flour is the key. 

As we were planning the Soul Festive CNY Collection, we thought about adding more flavours and varieties. However, classic is still our favourite! And because it is so classic, it allows us to pair it with anything and even pairing with different ingredients just before it is served.

Made with a balanced combination of coconut milk and glutinous rice flour, without being too sweet. We kept bettering our recipes throughout the year, just because we lovely this traditional dish so much. Looking for better ingredients and better flavour, we use our tummy to see how it works inside our body. As simple and inexpensive as it looks from the outside, it's the inside that matters.


Now let's perfect your CNY cake serving skills!

We heard you all enjoy the little tips in warming up our mooncakes last time so we are bringing this back! 

Lin Go (CNY Cake) tastes best when pan-fried. It tastes great on its own but even better when dipped in egg first before frying. But what's the alternative when it comes to a vegan version of this combo? Well there are a few substitute options to replace egg - chickpea flour and chia egg.

But our favourite is the "evilly delicious" spring roll version. Super crunchy on the outside and warm, soft, mochi-like on the inside. It's just so much better!

Join us in the kitchen today as we show you how to make this dish!


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