[ Happy Earth Day ] The Earth needs more love.

Today, we celebrate the 50th Earth Day and to only-God-knows-how-many-years Planet Earth has been created. Instead of chasing for the numbers, it's more important for us to reflect if we all are taking what we are given for granted, in our own terms.

Photo Ref: Gretchen LaSalle

What does Earth Day mean to you?

To me, Earth Day is...

  • looking at the food in front of us and knowing that Planet Earth is our very first Art teacher. My plating inspiration always comes from my experience with this blue planet;

Asian Fettucine by SoulHookedonFood

  • committing to ourselves to take one step further in protecting this "home". I have been on plant based diet for almost 3 years to reduce my carbon footprint. Perhaps Earth Day is the reason for you to try one a green diet once out of the other 364 days;
  • continue to be aware of how many plastic we have been using and encourage businesses to stop using it by executing your power as a consumer. When I go out, I'll always leave extra space in my bag or bring a tote bag. I see it as a way to give my tote bag collection a mini fashion show - let's show some support to all the designers who work so hard to make them look pretty. In the light of the current pandemic, I have started using more recyclable face masks. Not only have they had the same level of protection, but had also help save a few disposable masks for those who needed them more. I admit it is still bad that we are creating so much waste every day but if we couldn't eliminate due to public health reasons, consider reducing the amount is also an effort to make a difference;
  • educating our next generation to cherish this blue planet. My cousin loves to bring her kids to the nature on weekends. Before the pandemic, we will meet on weekends to go hiking or bringing them to our farm. Compare to youtube, toys and iPad, they have much more fun playing with water and mud - you can tell from the way they laugh and how muddy their shoes get by the end of the day. If there is one "legacy" that we must pass on, it's how to preserve our Planet Earth.

My niece, Hayley, spending her weekend at our farm

  • Seeing a sunny weather when you wake up or looking at nature in your surroundings... none of these comes easily.


"We often forget that that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves"

- Andy Goldsworthy

 Asian Fettuccine by Soul Hooked On Food

While we all busy looking for things to do at home, spend this day to reconnect with ourselves and send gratitude to this one-and-only "home", whether you care about Earth Day or not.

May we all commit to make this a better place for all beings.




Soulistic is a vegan brand created by Chef and Food Therapist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), as a platform to educate customers about healthier diets over medication by providing products and experiences that create change from within. Read about her story and what led her to start Soulistic here

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