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開心果 [ Hoi Sum Gwo ] Pistachio

Cantonese 101 開心果 (Hoi Sum Gwo) ✨ Happy nut

A person who is always happy-go-lucky and in a good mood. It just so happens to be the Chinese name of #pistachio.

開心 (Hoi Sum) means happy, if you divided the 2 words, it means open (開) the heart (心). People said humans are like pistachios. Some of them open up easily, others need a little more time and care to open up. Which one are you?

As we will be talking about a few types of nuts these coming weeks, I wanted to share how they look like before becoming nuts. They are quite beautiful 😍

A question that I’m often asked✨Will I be able to get enough protein from a plant-based diet?YES YOU CAN✨

As much as meat is a great source of protein, the demand and supply of meat is truly not sustainable in the long run. The unethical treatment and impact of livestock farming has on our environment is monumental. By cutting out meat in your diet does not mean you lose a vital source of protein, but rather you will be able to discover alternative plant-based protein sources that provide you with the same amount you need for a healthy diet. The average adult requires 46-56g of protein daily.

Pistachios are a complete protein, containing 6g of protein which includes all of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts, comparable to the protein quantity found in an egg.

So if you're considering eating less meat or switching to a plant-based diet, don't worry there are always better, healthier alternatives.


📸 Vegan Bread making with pistachio. @ Toni Rodriguez’s Masterclass

A sprinkle of crunch to your truffles ✨

As a chef and avid foodie, I enjoy when my bite is full of different textures - it just adds a bit more fun to the experience. I sometimes find the texture of chocolate truffle a little one dimensional so I like to crush up some pistachios to add a bit more texture and crunch.

You can even do the same do your salads or pasta, give a try next time!



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