[ When Soul Hooked On Food ] The journey begins.

Hello and welcome to Soulistic!

I would like to start this platform by sharing my own journey - as in how I started my plant based journey.


Who are you?

EventPlanner x PlantBasedChef x FoodTherapist x OldSoul x HolisticBeliever


What kind of vegan are you?

I'm a vegan on my own and I’ve been following this whole-food plant-based lifestyle for almost 2 years now. My family and majority of my close friends are non-vegans so I will become a vegetarian when needed.
In 2017, I decided to continue strict vegan diet when I got back from culinary school in LA. After a few weeks, I started to struggle in finding the balance with my social life. Not because of the fear of losing friends and being judged, but by feeling my family's and friends' struggle to find restaurants to balance their own dietary preference and mine. So I started asking myself the reasons to be plant based. Things like:
  • If being plant-based is for my own health, does it also mean I can cause stress for other people and to limit their food options because of me?
  • If I choose to be plant based for a purpose, does it mean I can reinforce the idea of "eating with vegetarian / vegan people is no fun and make others' life hard"?
Obviously - No.
Once my objectives are clear, I started to find new light to continue this journey. While I am being more open to adjust my diet with family and friends, I started to see the changes happening within the community too. They are getting more interested in my lifestyle and start doing research on it. Some of my friends and colleagues even took on plant-based challenges to experience the difference. It is thrilling to see how they try to step out their comfort zone and willing to give it a try.

Why did you become a vegan?

I first started to become a vegan due to health. I suffered from chronic hives 6 years ago. At that time, I had 2 options, to pay a huge amount of money for a one-year medication treatment (still won't be 100% cure) or heal myself through diet. Knowing lots of chemicals will be injected to my body, I chose the latter and started learning more about food from scratch again. I also tried a lot of popular diets at that time, gluten free, anti-histamine diet, Low-FODMAP diet etc. They seemed to work in the early stage but nothing was sustainable. It was only when I start applying holistic healing practices that my hives got significantly better. In 2 years, I was fully recovered.
If by just being more plant-based can fully heal my issue than medication, what if I go on full plant based diet? I'm curious.
For the next year, I started to slowly give up on animal product at a time. It wasn't as difficult as I expected. I was already on plant based diet within 6 months. By 2017, I was confident to be on plant based diet.
Vegan diet has significantly improved my health, both physical and mental, for the past 2 years. I will still catch a cold but recover a lot faster. My fitness recovery speed has improved. My weight fluctuation has been stabilised. Vegan diet has also improved my gut health, which reduced problems such as mind fog and indigestion problem. My palatte and sense have become more sensitive, which helps me a lot when creating new dishes.
I also learnt about how animal rights and how production of meat / other animal products places huge burden on the environment as I was going through the journey. Every article I read is a reminder for why I want to continue this journey.


5. Anything else you want to say to other vegans?

"It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet."

- Margaret Mead

While there are still misconceptions to plant based diet among the community, I believe people are starting to realise how the power of plants can heal our body, mind and soul. I believe the best medicine to heal ourselves is through food.
At culinary school, we are taught to send love and positive messages to our food, especially those which need time to ferment. The more positivity we sent to the food, the better and tastier it will be. This turns out to be very true. As chefs, we send love to our food and we let our food speaks for us.
I have started to meet more vegan people in the city and they are all amazing. I want to take this opportunity to cheer for all those who are on this vegan journey out there. I believe everyone is fighting a hard battle and know that you are all brave warriors. May your journey continue to keep you inspired and happy. You deserve it:) Big hugs!


Soulistic is a vegan brand created by Chef and Food Therapist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), as a platform to educate customers about healthier diets over medication by providing products and experiences that create change from within. Read about her story and what led her to start Soulistic here

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