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So what's so special about our Radish Cake?

Often served in dim sum restaurants, this traditional savoury dish is a must-have on the table on Chinese New Year's Day. While restaurants usually have a higher proportion of flour over all other ingredients, we insist to do the reverse, which is the traditional way.

It is an excellent source of various nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and copper. It is the highest in vitamin C and folate. It also contains powerful antioxidants, protecting your body's cells from oxidative damage.

Created using 3 types of radishes to imitate the colour of the meat versions of this typical dish. The colourful presentation also fits perfectly with the Chinese saying “May prosperity blossom”.


Since we are following the traditional proportion of radish and flour, we suggest:

  • To cut it thicker so it will be easier to handle
  • When you are cutting the cake, you can brush a bit of oil to make it less sticky.

To create the best texture of the radish cake, i.e. crispy on the outside and soft in the inside:

  1. Make sure your pan is hot enough
  2. Reduce to medium low heat when pan-frying. If you are using a stainless steel pan, we suggest you warm up the pan first and pan-fry with cold oil. For a non-stick pan, we suggest you warm up the pan and the oil first, add in the radish cake slices later. If there is a sizzling sound, you are pan-frying at the right temperature.
  3. Since we can only turn it over once, you need lots of patience during the process, depending on your stove, it probably takes about 5 minutes per side.

Now time to enjoy!



 因為Soulistic 蘿蔔糕多蘿蔔少粉,建議

  • 厚切會容易掌握一點
  • 切蘿蔔糕時,可在刀面上塗上一層薄油後再切,蘿蔔糕不會沾黏

要煎出外脆內軟的蘿蔔糕 - 一定要有耐性!並細閱以下幾點:

  1. 鍋要夠熱
  2. 轉中小火後倒入適量的油搖勻。不銹鋼鍋建議熱鍋凍油煎好,易潔鑊可以在燒鍋的同時加油,油熱後放入蘿蔔糕煎較好
  3. 只翻一次就好,所以一定要有耐性!每個爐的熱力有別,店主一般每邊煎約5x分鐘左右。

Soulistic 蘿蔔糕亦十分適合翻蒸,只需10-15分鐘便可。


Soulistic is a vegan brand created by Chef and Food Therapist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), as a platform to educate customers about healthier diets over medication by providing products and experiences that create change from within. Read about her story and what led her to start Soulistic here

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