Unboxing: Mother's Day Basket | Co Ninety x Soulistic x Greens Artelier

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring our mother, the one who gave birth to us. Nowadays, it can extend to our in-laws, our non-biological "mother" who supported us unconditionally when we needed it most.

It is a celebration of femininity.

Our Mother's Day basket is part of our Soul Festive Collection. As always, we continue to expand and enrich our local community through our operations. By doing so, we support the local economy and produce food that typically tastes and looks better with more nutritional benefits.

With this Mother’s Day collection, Soulistic continues its collaborative efforts with our local community - with flower arrangements curated by local florist Greens Artelier, home & lifestyle products thoughtfully selected by Co Ninety and a low GI index vegan chocolate collection handcrafted by Soulistic.

About Soulistic Chocolate

Still thinking chocolate is bad for you? Let us change your mind. Various research studies have found that moderate chocolate consumption is beneficial to heart health.


In this bundle, we created a variety of vegan chocolates, from white to dark chocolate. We are also introducing our new product, vegan white chocolate. Made with raw cacao butter, which is high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (i.e. heart-healthy fat). These fats not only support brain health, but also boosts your mood and helps lower cholesterol levels.

While traditional white chocolate is made with powdered sugar, we replace this unhealthy ingredient with Erythritol. It acts as an antioxidant and can improve blood vessel function in people with Type 2 Diabetes. This means it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. We believe our moms deserve so much more than just a bite of chocolate or a slice of cake.


When it comes to selecting presents for moms, it has to be the best. So we carefully selected these 3 flavours:

[ White ] Chocolate with Salted Puff Quinoa, raw cacao butter shell with 70% Salted Dark Chocolate Ganache filling. 

[ Pink ] Rose Raspberry Vegan Chocolate, contains freeze-dried raspberries giving a tart flavour that cuts nicely through the healthy chocolate fats. 

Hoi Sum Vegan [ Dark ] Chocolate Bon Bon, aromatic roasted pistachio filling. Pistachio also means “happy” in Cantonese so we want to send out best wishes to all moms.


About Greens Artelier

Greens Artelier is a flower shop based in HK, founded on the premise that flowers and greens are essential parts of a good life and will bring zen to our buzzling lifestyle.

Today, Greens' shop is located at Taikoo Apita, serving the neighbourhood and having pop up stores across HK during festive time. Festival collaborations have also become passion projects that Eva, owner of Greens, shares with her daughter, Yoyo. Upholding the same value with Soulistic, that is to deliver products with quality and satisfying services, the brands are counting on their second collaboration this Mother's Day! If a Mother's Day present sounds too cliche, this basket bundle is made from the heart.


About this Mother's Day Basket 

Made of sunflowers, peonies, carnation, petit rose and platycodon that carries a lovely message. Carnations are a must-have for Mother’s Day, representing a mother’s undying love; sunflowers are well known for being a happy flower; while peonies and platycodon mean abundance of prosperity. Paired with a rustic yet minimalistic basket, the classic design effortlessly blends into any home environment and can be easily reused, which aligns with our goal of sustainability.


About Co Ninety

Co Ninety is a select shop that is tucked in an alley of Wan Chai, Sau Wa Fong. For this mother’s day collaboration they presented one of the popular brands among mothers in Japan. 

About Co Ninety’s selected products

Apotheke Fragrance Room Mist (Various Scents) is an artisanal, handmade fragrance brand. Their products are blended, produced, packaged, and shipped by crafters at their Chiba, Japan workshop.

  1. Between The Sheets is floral-fruity, notes of Apple, Honeysuckle, Iris, Jasmine, Lotus, Musk, Water Lily and wood.
  2. Paradise comprises a green fruity aroma blended with pomegranate and sage. 
  3. Green Tea & Sakura is floral-fresh, with notes of Bergamot, Cherry Blossoms, Green Tea & Lemon.
  4. Black oud is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone with notes of Agarwood, Cinnamon and Guaiac Wood.
  5. Tobacco Cedar is a blend of sweet citrus with a hint of spice giving off a warm oriental woody scent. It is blended with a rich base of sandalwood and cedarwood conveying a sense of cosy and serene environment.

    Co Ninety Tea Loop + 1 Kinto Cup + Tea 

    Created by Japanese designer Kinto, this set is a perfect balance between usability and aesthetics to immerse you in the moments that matter. Slow down, appreciate your surroundings, or savour a moment with close family and friends.

    The unique Kinto Loop Tea Strainer can be opened by sliding it with your finger, and you can easily extract tea by scooping tea leaves without a teaspoon. Made of stainless steel, fits perfectly in one hand, extremely portable and travel-friendly. The Stand also collects any drips and allows more than one brew with the tea leaves. Dishwasher safe.

    For this collaboration, the tea strainer comes with a special package for our mom’s to enjoy the full tea pamper.

    The Kinto Glass Cup belongs to Kinto’s Cast glassware collection. Heat resistant with minimalist design, this collection focuses on poised beauty and easy to handle, creating hassles-free reasons for our mom to enjoy. 

    The set comes with 3 types of floral tea, carefully chosen by the Co Ninety team, Rose Bud, Chrysanthemum and Jasmine flower tea. Providing high antioxidant content, and fits perfectly with this flower-themed basket set so moms can now look at the flowers, have a flower chocolate and sip on a cup of floral tea.



    Now you know the story - Click here to order.

    Orders are open from April 16 until May 6 on a first-come-first-serve basis. Pickup and delivery available from Friday 7 May to Sunday 9 May.

    Let's help you bring an even bigger smile for your mom!


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