Sports | Sports Nutrition Consultation 運動及創傷康復食養諮詢

Sports | Sports Nutrition Consultation 運動及創傷康復食養諮詢

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  • 有意提升運動表現的職業運動員、業餘運動愛好者;
  • 長期受傷患困擾而想尋找物理治療以外的方法改善問題的人


  • 提供個人運動營養建議
  • 提供運動創傷和康復期間的營養考慮和策略
  • 運動員的表現有八成取決於運動員的心理健康,我們會利用運動營養實踐進一步令健兒們更有效提升表現
  • 建議食譜適用於個別客人的飲食中(早午晚餐各4個)
  • 3個建議食譜於運動前後食/ 飲用 
  • 3個建議沙冰(Smoothie)食譜
  • 2節運動營養諮詢 (包括第一次見面/ 視像會議 + 一節跟進會議,合共3小時)


For athletes who:

  • are into sports and want to improve their performance;
  • are suffering from prolonged sports injuries and looking for alternative ways to recover in the long-run.

Service includes:

  • Providing personalised nutritional advice to improve their performance;
  • Creating customised diet suggestions and strategies to ease prolonged sports injuries issues, e.g. joint pains, muscle pain;
  • Use nutrition to help improve their mindset, as they contribute 80% of the athlete's success;
  • 4 sample recipes for each meal, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 3 sample recipes for pre-workout and post-workout
  • 3 sample recipes on smoothies
  • 2 consultation sessions within 3 weeks (1 first meeting + 1 follow-up meeting, 3 hours in total)

Optional service upgrade: We can also prepare meals, purchase ingredients or even offer a hands-on cooking class with you to help you integrate this new lifestyle into your everyday life. Click here to contact us for details. Additional costs may apply.