Hoi Sum | Pistachio Superfood Fudge 開心果植脂糖
Hoi Sum | Pistachio Superfood Fudge 開心果植脂糖

Hoi Sum | Pistachio Superfood Fudge 開心果植脂糖

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✓ Gluten-free 無麩質

✓ Dairy-free 無奶製品

✓ No Refined Sugar 無精製糖

✓ Additive- & Preservative-free  無添加防腐劑





  • 螺旋藻有助控制血糖、過敏性鼻炎;
  • 巴西莓可以幫助消化,抗衰老,抗氧化
  • 瑪卡粉來自秘魯的天然食材,有提神、改善情緒、提升記憶力等作用





Ingredients: Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, Pistachio, Spirulina, Maca, Acai Berry, Maple Syrup

About the product: This is a raw vegan product. We add in superfood accordingly to boost your nutrient intake within one mouthful bite.

Benefits: Suitable adults, children and those who are on bodybuilding diet. The product contains a variety of nutrients, such as antioxidants, healthy fats, fibre and phytochemical.

  • Spirulina shows promise as a way to manage the symptoms of diabetes;
  • Acai powder is good for digestion, enhance anti-aging effects and great for overall skin care;
  • Maca powder, originated from Peru, has the benefit of boosting energy, improving mood and improve memory.

How to store: Please store below 2°C at all time and consume within 2 weeks after opening.

Net weight: 70g