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OH My Gut |  Kombucha 酵素。茶

OH My Gut | Kombucha 酵素。茶

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✓ Raw Vegan 生機純素

✓ No Refined Sugar 無精製糖

✓ Additive- & Preservative-free  無添加防腐劑



關於食品 / 功效:整個製造過程都是天然發酵,含有豐富益生菌,可以促進腸道健康,更有瘦身減肚腩功效。




Ingredients: Black Tea, Cane Sugar, Scoby

About the product / Benefits: It is a living product. Sourness of the products might vary slightly between products. Good for the digestive system and weight loss.

Suitable for: Adults and children, EXCEPT pregnant women. 

How to store: Keep refrigerated at 2°C at all time and consume within 2 week after opening.


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