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  • [ Launch on Print! ] Valentine's Day Special

    Oriental Daily HK - 5 Feb 2021
  • [ Launch on Print! ] Soulistic featured in Print Media for the FIRST time!

    We are so excited to learn our Soul Festive CNY Collection has been mentioned local newspaper, MingPao HK. It's exciting to be acknowledged for wha...
  • Tips to Best Enjoy Our Radish Cake 煎 Soulistic 蘿蔔糕 小貼士 | Soulistic 微素工房

    To create the best texture of our Radish Cake, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside - follow our tips on how to best cook this dish to perfection!
  • Evilly Delicious Golden Rolls (CNY Cake) / 紅棗年糕金磚 - Recipe | Soulistic 微素工房

What's your comfort food?  The answer is always usually the most underrated dish made of ingredients we consider as "cheap" and "boring" - congee...
  • [ Recipe ] Vegetable Stock - For those who just started to be vegan

    What is the easiest dish to make when becoming a vegan?   Well, this is not exactly a dish but it will be a great company for you to start off you...
  • TEDx Civic Exchange: Think Local, Think Green

    Tiffany, our Founder, was recently part of the speaker panel for the final installment of this year's TEDx Civic Exchange: Think Local, Think Green: Homegrown Success Stories across Businesses and Communitiesorganised by HK2050isNOW and SustainHK . She shares her vision for Soulistic and the ongoing work that is done to ensure a more sustainable way to run an up-and-coming vegan food brand. From homegrown vegetables to using every part of the ingredient in cooking and composting to minimise food waste - every little bit counts towards the continuous efforts save the Earth. 
  • Do you work to feed or feed to work? | HSBC Virtual Open House

    Our Founder, Tiffany, speaks at the HSBC Virtual Open House to share her vegan journey and how it has helped her combat stress, anxiety and depression. She shares how poor gut health PLUS stress can lead to poor mental health.
  • [ Announcement ] 十一月。November Schedule

    We have been reviewing our work in the past 6 months... Let's just admit it's not so easy to get a break time, even if we deliberately set a day of...
  • Common Farms x Soulistic: Cheesy Kale Chips

    Introducing Cheesy Kale Chips

    Local when possible has always been a mission for Soulistic. When Common Farms reached out to work on this Kale Chips Collaboration Project, there's only one answer from us - a big YES!

  • The Cashew Dilemma

    Ever wondered what cashew looks like before they are harvested? Cashews actually grow on the outside and hang from the bottom of the cashew apple ...
  • 開心果 [ Hoi Sum Gwo ] Pistachio

    Cantonese 101 開心果 (Hoi Sum Gwo) ✨ Happy nut A person who is always happy-go-lucky and in a good mood. It just so happens to be the Chinese name o...
  • Advice from Sunflower: Spread the seeds of happiness!

    Sunflowers thrive in the sun, they pretty much track the sun and grow towards wherever it goes. They also have a history of healing. From flowers...