Our Food Philosophy

At Soulistic, we believe food is not just a meal, but a holistic experience.

When it comes to being vegan or healthy, green shouldn't be the only colour on your plate. It should also be beautiful to the eyes, delicious in the mouth, fragrant to the nose, and  comforting in the stomach.

Soulistic Dishes

Everyone knows that good ingredients make good food.

Soulistic believes great food is a culmination of the effort from every specialist -  chefs, designers, farmers and even photographers - becoming one to develop a holistic experience. Each role brings something important to the table: the ability to reliably distribute eco-friendly ingredients, the presentation to show the fun side of vegan food, and even the way to prepare naturally-fermented food. While we continue to uphold traditional practices and protect the beauty of food itself, we also continue to explore ways to best showcase them. As we continue to try to influence a better tomorrow by creating our sustainable business model, we also want to deliver the taste of HK-grown produce to our diners, giving more appreciation to our local organic producers.


Soulistic's CyCle


We know this is the right thing to do.

At Soulistic, our mission is to always connect this healthy cycle and prove that sustainable practices is possible in reality and among small businesses.