Shopping FAQ 素貨須知


  • 按 Order 選購產品後,並按購物車,右上角亦會出現購物車視窗
    Click Order to select your item and Add to cart. You should also see a window pop down from your top right corner.
  • 按視窗內 View Cart 可以選擇取貨安排及付款。
    Once item is added into your shopping cart, click View cart to choose your preferred pick-up method and proceed to payment.
  • 下單程序完成後,你會收到我們的訂購確認電郵,表示付款已被確認。沒有收到電郵即表示你沒有成功完成訂購/ 付款程序,需要重新訂購。
    Upon completing the order and payment, you will receive a confirmation email, indicating your order is placed. If not, you may need to place the order again.
  • 產品需要最少四日前下單,個別產品或需一星期準備,每日截單時間為下午六時。於截單時間後下單需多預留一個工作天。
    As our products are custom-made, please allow 4 days to prepare prior your pickup date. Our order cut-off time is 6pm every day. For order made after the cut-off time, please reserve 1 additional working day.
    • 請注意:所有訂單一經付款確認,我們不接受取消訂單及退款。如要更改取貨日期,請於最少 48 小時前通知我們,否則我們可能需要收取行政費用。我們亦保留拒絕更改取貨日期及時間的權利。
      Please note we do not accept cancellation / refund once the order is confirmed. If you would like to reschedule your pickup date, please let us know 48 hours in advance or penalty charges may incur. We reserve the right to decline any reschedule request due to limited order availability.

      For enquiry, please contact us.

        【 取貨 HOW TO PICKUP 】

        We offer pickup and courier service (with additional charge).

        • 自取 PICKUP


          Our Pickup Points are located at Causeway Bay & Wanchai. Detailed address will be sent to you via email upon receiving your order confirmation. Please present the confirmation email and the order number upon your arrival.

        • 送遞服務 DELIVERY 

            • 我們會於每個星期以下日子及時間於香港各地作送遞服務:逢星期二、五及六 12pm - 7pm

              *本店規模尚小,希望在能力範圍內為你提供最大的方便,在方便你和平衡運費成本的情況下,我們在安排有機會調動你的送遞時間,並會預先和你確認並先收取運費。確認後我們會向你收取運費。如送遞地址需要更改,請於 48小前通知,否則我們會收取行政費用。確認地址後的運費恕不設退款。
            • Here is our weekly delivery schedule: Every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 12pm - 7pm

              *We are still a startup business. While we are trying our best to accommodate your requests, we also need to take into account our courier cost. Hence, we might make adjustments to your delivery schedule and will be sure to get a confirmation from you first. We will then send you the instruction to pay for delivery fee. If you would like to change the delivery address, please let us know 48 hours in advance or additional charges may be applied. No refunds can be made upon confirming the delivery address.
            • 我們於出發前會先通知你,為確保運送過程流暢,請確保您下單時所填寫的聯絡資料正確無誤。如我們的產品在以上任何運送過程中有任何損毁,本店恕不負責或退款。

              We can help arrange delivery service (either GoGoVan or Lalamove).

              Since delivery charge is not included in our price tag, additional charge will be applied for this service. We will let you know the delivery charge on the day and please prepare the delivery fee in cash upon the pickup.

              To ensure a seamless delivery experience, please ensure your contact details are correct when placing the order. Please also take note on the delivery status on your pickup date as additional waiting charge may be charged by the courier company. In case of any damage of the products caused during the delivery any of the above delivery options or disputes relating to the courier company, Soulistic do not take any responsibility and liability. 

              Also check out our pickup / delivery flow here.



              【 付款方法 PAYMENT METHODS 】

              你可以透過 Visa 、Mastercard、 PayMe、八達通、轉數快 及 銀行過數付款。

              除私人晚宴/ 活動餐飲服務外,所有訂單必須先付全數方示為確認訂購。

              We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayMe, Octopus, FPS and bank deposit for payment. 

              Apart from event catering and private events, please pay in full terms for all orders. 


              【 疫情、惡劣天氣及颱風等特別安排 COVID-19 / BAD WEATHER ARRANGEMENT 】

              * 因應現時疫情持續,請各位前來取貨時必須戴上口罩,我們亦會為所有客人量度體溫。如非閣下本人前來取貨,請列明取貨人的名字和聯絡電話

              當八號或以上烈風或暴風信號 / 黑色暴雨警告生效時,取貨及送貨服務將暫停 。如因惡劣天氣導致未能發貨,我們將會聯絡您更改取貨日期但不接受因惡劣天氣而取消訂單或退款。

              如天文台於營業時間內,中午12時前取消以上暴風信號 或 暴雨警告,除非情況仍然惡劣,我們將於下午2時恢復營業。

              如因突發交通或特別事故而未能準時到達,或未能前來提取你的訂購,請盡快聯絡我們。我們的店鋪離 觀塘地鐵站 或 牛頭角地鐵站 約五分鐘路程,如果觀塘因突發事故而關閉,我們建議你可以在 牛頭角地鐵站 出閘,步行5分鐘便可抵達我們的小店。我們恕不接受因突發交通或特別事故而取消訂單或退款。

              * In view of the latest development of COVID-19 outbreak, please wear a mask upon your arrival for pickup. We will also measure your body temperature before your entrance. If you are delegating a third party for pickup, please let us know their name and contact details.

              In case of black rainstorm or typhoon signal no.8 or above, delivery and pick-up will be suspended. We will contact you to make new delivery and pick-up arrangement. We do not accept cancellation and refund due to bad weather.

              If the HK Observatory cancels the above bad weather signals before 12pm during our opening hours, unless the situation was still not ideal, we will resume our operations at 2pm that day.

              In case of any special traffic / transportation arrangement, whether your arrival time is delayed or unable to arrive, please contact us as soon as possible. With reference to previous experience, Kwun Tong MTR station might have a higher chance of closure, we recommend you to get off at Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station which will take you a 5-minute walk to our shop. We do not accept cancellation and refund due to special traffic / transportation arrangement.

              【 退款政策 REFUND POLICY 】

              We do not accept cancellation or refund request once the order is confirmed. 

              We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage of the products caused during delivery. In case of any disputes between you and the courier company, apart from ensuring the product is arrived in your good hands, Soulistic do not take any responsibility and liability.

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              【 有關食材及其他事宜 INGREDIENTS & MISCELLANEOUS 】

              Our products are produced in a Licensed Food Factory.

              All of our products are all handmade. The look of the product might vary slightly from the reference photo on our website.

              Ingredients and decorations on our products may be changed due to limited supply or other reasons without further notice.

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              對於任何爭議,Soulistic 將保留最後的決定權。

              For more details on our terms and conditions, please click here.
              Soulistic will review our terms and conditions on regular basis without prior notice.
              In case of any disputes, Soulistic reserves the rights of final decision.