Our Story

At Soulistic, we create food that feeds our soul.



Soulistic 相信食物會對我們表達情緒、學習和思考有長遠影響。情緒健康亦與我們的消化系統和免疫系統息息相關。如果進食只為麻目地攝取營養而不了解它們如何影響我們的身體功能,再多的營養和金錢都是白費。我們相信新一代的飲食不應只著重卡路里,更需要注重食物的質量,原產地和製造方法。

因此,我們積極研製全天然的素食產品,希望改變舊有的蔬食概念。自2018年開始於香港、馬來西亞等地舉辦純素工作坊。另外,Soulistic 微素工房亦會舉辦Pop Up 活動,透過活動體驗分享素食的味道和食物的來源,令更多人了解食物的種植和製作過程,對自己的飲食習慣作出反思,令有意食得健康之人更容易達到真正健康。

Soulistic是一間本地純素小店,致力提供自家研製純素食品、飲食諮詢和著重幼兒飲食教育。希望藉著不同的場合,將純素概念融入日常生活中,明白真正可持續的健康應該來自一日三餐,而非靠營養補充劑和藥物。 於2019年開始自家種植部份食材,亦聯同幾個本地農夫為 Soulistic 食品製作及 Soulistic 舉辦的活動到會提供食材。同年底正式設立工作室和開設網店,並於持牌食品工場製作自家產品。


Modern, buzzing and fascinating, Hong Kong is the place we call home and it is also where Soulistic starts its first step.

Soulistic is a vegan brand inspired by our Chef Owner's personal story and now it is a vegan tuck shop that caters to the health-conscious crowd, creating whole-food plant-based food and using local organic produce sourced straight from the farm.

The signature item here is our home-fermented vegan kimchi - replacing traditional fish sauce / shrimp paste with our homemade kimchi paste, with a touch of kombu to create that umami flavour from the ocean.


Soulistic Kimchi

We believe the best thing we can do for our customers is to continue sharing our story, creating healthy food and cultivating a healthy community.

Considering our healthy Earth and a healthy future, we believe food can be one of the most important environmental movements that can be practiced in everyday life. Our mission is to continue finding good producers, cooking with their / our ingredients, and returning the benefits to customers for health and to producers for economic profit.

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Meet Our Chef Owner


創辦人Tiffany (@SoulHookedonFood) 於2010年患上嚴重抑鬱症和焦慮症,經歷了因藥物帶來的副作用,包括自體免疫性蕁麻疹,促使Tiffany開始鑽研食療和學習自然療法。研究過程中開始接觸純素飲食,認識飲食與心靈健康有著密切關係。 

於2017年,Tiffany決定放下穩定的活動統籌工作到美國洛杉磯修讀生機純素烹飪和純素營養證書課程(Food Future Institue, 前身為 Matthew Kenney Culinary)。同年她亦完成由T.柯林.坎貝爾基金會(T. Colin Campbell Foundation)與附屬於康乃爾大學 (Cornell University)合辦的蔬食營養證書課程。



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Tiffany is the Chef Owner and Creator behind Soulistic, a vegan brand which focuses on education and experience of plant-based food that is sourced locally and created with health at its core. She is a certified plant-based chef and plant-based nutritionist, receiving her culinary training and nutrition certification in the US.

She discovered her passion in food and culinary therapy back in 2013, after being diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety and chronic allergies three years prior. She experienced the side effects of heavy medications and how processed food can affect one's health. Reliance on medication was not the sustainable way to a healthy life. As a result, she started learning about a holistic diet and natural healing. 

In 2017, she switched to a plant-based diet and the rest is, as they say, history. Not only was she able to rid her body of chronic allergies, but 2020 marks her 4th year being clean from depression. This is why she is a strong believer that food can be medicine.

She hopes by sharing her journey and through her collaborative efforts with local small businesses who share similar beliefs and passion in food, she is able to help others lead a more healthy and happier life.