Advice from Sunflower: Spread the seeds of happiness!

Sunflowers thrive in the sun, they pretty much track the sun and grow towards wherever it goes. They also have a history of healing.

From flowers, leaves to oil, this plant has healing powers to soothe different kinds of pain. This is why, today, sunflower seeds are being promoted in beauty and for its anti-inflammatory properties.

And let's not forget about the seeds! One sunflower can contain up to 2000 seeds - that's a lot! They are packed with micronutrients and are a great protein source. These nutrients can help with reducing stress and fight depression. It's nature's happy pill.

📸 Caesar Salad. sunflower parmesan. vegan anchovies.

How would you add sunflower seeds to your meal? When I first learned I can make "parmesan cheese" with sunflower seeds, it also sparked my curiosity in plant-based food.

One challenge I always have to tackle as a chef is to decode foodies' doubts to the idea of veganism. It always seems to be impossible to present a healthy dish with a wow effect. In a world where food technology is gaining more attention, I enjoy spending more of my time to understand all these natural ingredients and unlock their potentials.

I came across soaking seeds when I was in culinary school. I think this is a table that needs to be shared to a wider public. It's so important to eat seeds in the right way. 

Credit to Matthew Kenney Cuisine and PlantLab

Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli, and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralizes a large portion of phytic acid in grains. Soaking in warm water, and encourages the production of numerous beneficial enzymes.


I love food because it is perhaps the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people eat together. 

In this week's Soul Hooked on series, I will doing a pairing recipe for one of my favourite item - Sunflower Parmesan Cheese!

When can you get this sunflower parmesan? This has been taken care of for you. I am launching this on my online shop today! Order today and you will get your cheese by the end of next week! Click here to order now!

The mood in Hong Kong continues to feel a bit heavy and gloomy this week. At least this is how I felt. I hope we are all inspired by sunflower - Be bright, sunny and positive. Spread seeds of happiness!



Soulistic is a vegan brand created by Chef and Food Therapist, Tiffany Lau (@soulhookedonfood), as a platform to educate customers about healthier diets over medication by providing products and experiences that create change from within. Read about her story and what led her to start Soulistic here

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